My 1st Tube Equipment Experience

I just purchased a used Herron Audio VTSP-3A(r02) tube preamp, as a replacement for a NAD M12.  I paired the M12 with a NAD M22 v2.  My first impressions are the M12 has more detail, the VTSP is much warmer, which is what I wanted.  The VTSP sound is definitely different.  And while it lacks the M12 detail, I do like it.  

With the M12, my speakers were dead silent when music was not playing.  With the VTSP, I hear a slight hiss when I put my ear very near a speaker.  With the M12, I used XLR from the M12 to the M22; XLR from my Parasound JC3 jr; and RCA from my Liberty DAC.  With the VTSP, everything now is RCA.

Is a little hiss common when using a tube preamp and SS power amp with RCA cables?

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@oldschool1948-  When you're ready to try a little experiment, PM me.  I'll send you a nice pair of Amperex 6922s(no strings), to try in your Herron.  Even two out of six, should give you an idea of what's available, if you roll.  btw: Would your Old School 1948, happen to be a Pan?
There’s a 99.99% chance that they are much better, than what you got with your preamp, without exaggeration. It appears you have an ear for sound. I’m simply offering an opportunity, to hear what’s available, without spending any money, outside of the postage to return them to me, after you’ve experimented. Call a couple tube vendors and ask them about 1960 to 1962, Amperex, Navy 6922s(gold pins).
@ oldschool1948      My email service(Spectrum/Roadrunner) is down. Lots of angry postings, regarding the situation, online. Now, the link to PM you with, isn’t available here either, for some reason.