MX160 Stereo performance vs c2600 / c1100 dedicated stereo preamp....

Due to space limitation, I can only do single component shelf instead of side by side. Therefore, if I place all components together, factor in cooling space, total height will likely over 70" tall! I am confident all of you agree that it's too high. I will need to move thing around or completely remove the preamp and using the processor as stereo preamp. Component list: -

Clearaudio Turntable
Mcintosh C1100-C
Mcintosh C1100-T
Oppo UDP-203
Mcintosh MX160
PS Audio P10

I am thinking of moving the c1100 preamp into bedroom and using the MX160 as preamp. The question is anyone had experience with MX160 on Stereo vs C2600 or C1100 dedicated stereo preamp?
Question. Ideally, can you stack C1100 together and also Oppo203 and Sony HAP-Z1ES together? What is the ideal cooling space? Thank you.
I'm confused.  So you're willing to remove a near top of the line C1100 preamp for a processor?  
I have both C1100 and MX160. If i try to squeeze in the C1100 then the rack will be super high. Unless I can stack the C1100 and also Sony player and Oppo without much cooling space.
I've used a Mc MX-120 as a pre-amp in my main (2.2) system for a few years. While it is an older processor, its build is definitely skewed towards the 2-channel enthusiast, rather than the CODEC obsessed HT crowd. The 120 performs great in analog 2-channel mode. The digital surround modes sound gimmicky and are best left unused. I can't speak to the 160's sound quality, but if you already have it on the shelf, it sounds like it would cost you nothing more than time to find out. I'd be interested in reading about your findings!
Height of the equipment rack shouldn’t be an issue - except, of course for WAF. Do what works best for your room configuration. Can you put components that you don’t need access to on the top shelves?
@ yakbob. There isn't much review of the MX160 but I was told they are pretty good. I am sure C1100 and MX160 will sound different just because one is Tube and one is SS? But how good the MX160 is yet to know. Yeah, I actually already have the MX160, C1100 and C2600. So I will just have to play around and see how they fit in.

@ steakster. I need the top shelf for turntable...I haven't seen turntable place in between the shelf? It still need lot of clearance, i assume.
I still don't get why you're willing to downgrade the performance from the current top preamp to an all in one for the same of a rack. This boggles my mind.

Youre asking our advice?  The better preamp is the better unit.
@ joey_v

I am not downgrading. I just move the C1100 to my bedroom if it really cannot fit in the rack while below the max height I want. Ideally, I want the C1100 to be in the main system but if I cannot make it physically to fit then I cannot. As mentioned, I am trying to achieve max height of 50" or absolutely stretch it to 55" height with the following components in single rack.

PS Audio P10 - I can swap to P5 to reduce 4.5"
Oppo UDP-203
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable

With the cooling space, I just couldn't figure out a way. May be you guys have some way.
Put the P10 on the floor on a piece of butcher block or amp stand. Keep the C1100 and stack the Oppo&Sony if need be.