MX110 vs. C-28?

I'm thinking about a preamp to pair with an MC2255. I have an old MA6100 that needs significant work, and am considering just switching up for a C-28 or a MX110.

I've been using the MA6100 as a preamp, but one of the phono channels has failed, and the whole unit is starting to deteriorate. It was not stored well by the person I bought it from.

I'm conscious that the MX110 has a tuner and the c28 does not - aside from those points, are there any to consider? The price differential between the two isn't a big deal.

For completeness (though not an "amps preamps" question) I'm also considering trading my aging speakers - JBL L100 Centuries - for something smaller and more modern, (e.g., Kef LS50's). The system is in quite a small room in my old, old house.
Why not consider the C712 or C15 preamp to compliment your 2255? And if you need a Mac tuner, these are readily available, and quite reasonably priced. I doubt the C28 or MX110 will satisfy you by today's standards of sound quality.
MX110 is excellent when brought up to spec (google Terry DeWick)and is getting harder to find at a reasonable price. Classic Mac sound and a tube preamp with SS amp would be a great combo. I never cared for the sound of the C28 which I owned prior to the MX110.
Sid42, great idea on the other models. I think I may follow that suggestion, but I'll have to find one for sale first! Thanks for the idea - it's one I hadn't considered, and I'm going to try to follow.