MX-135 DAC

Any thoughts on using the DAC in a McIntosh MX-135 for 2 channel audio streaming playback vs the internal DAC in the Bluesound Node 2I? Right now I’m using the RCA outputs on the Bluesound which is already converted to analog and in my opinion sounds pretty sweet. I don’t have a coaxial to try the DI of the MX-135 from the Bluesound. I’m looking for opinions prior to making the purchase. 
The DAC in the Node is far newer than the one in the MX, and I'm given to understand from a number of recent forum posts here that the new DACs are so much better that there some question as to whether anything greater than 44.1 kHz Red Book is even necessary anymore.

Another thought is that the MX DAC is optimized for surround sound rather than 2 channel.  That doesn't prevent the DAC in my old MAC-3 from performing pretty well, but it's clearly not as good as the much newer, solely 2 channel unit in my C50.

I'd suggest that if the analog out from the Node makes you happy, save your money to buy more of whatever floats your boat.  If you still want to try it anyway. buy a cheapie digital coax cable from wherever.

Good luck & happy listening!