MUZISHARE R10 Hifi Tube DAC ES9018 24Bit/192KHz with USB XMOS

Dear forum, I am interested in getting this DAC to use with my Muzishare X7...I am a newbie tuber but trying to catch up with the world of Tubes by reading mostly. I was using Cambridge Audio Azur 851a but moved to tubes now. I also read about Topping DXXXXs and Ares II etc...and RME ADI 2 etc...I also read some reviews on Amir's Audio Science page etc. Trying to figure out what I can do with limited resources than more expensive ones. I currently use SMSL M200 the little box, since I do not know any better no complains I have but I like to experiment little cost effectively to train my ears. R10 will cost around 900$s with shipping...Should I go for RME ADI 2 type? Having Tube DAC sounds really cool with Tube amplifier but I am not sure if it is a good combination. 
So, anybody out there have this R10 ? Or can give some thoughts with the product specification sheet? 
Here is the link for the product.