Mutlple Amps and a line Conditioner

I have a MAXX ( line conditioner and really don't know much about it, except I paid a lot when I bought it a couple of years ago. Was recommended by the Audio store here in Manhattan.

Well, I'm going to be running the following equipment from the AC in my home. Any info on (1) if I can plug all of this equipment into the line conditioner? (2) should amps go directly into wall? (3) how much power can an outlet really handle? (4) balanced power compared to isolated power? Help???

2 McCormack DNA-225's
1 McCormack HT-5
1 Elac powered subwoofer
1 Sonance Cinema Sub Amplifier
1 McCormack UPD-1
1 McCormack RLD-1
1 McCormack MAP-1

I realize the line drives and CD player aren't much of an issue, but, what about all the amplifiers?

For those of you wondering why I'm running all of this equipment, well, I'm running two separate systems from the same location since the loft has different mezzanine spaces (one main floor for music and one small mezzanine for movies).

I live in an old NYC loft so I'm left in the hands of my building power which will hopefully be upgraded sometime in the future. My construction will be completed in another couple of months and I don't want to be stuck behind the eight ball when I finally hook up my system.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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What is the MAXX's current rating? What are the current loads for each of the devices? Add 'em up and see if they are less than the MAXX's current rating.

Each line to the outlets on the wall is usually 15A but you will have to look at the MAXX's specs to see how they rate their outlets.

Overall, I would suggest getting another power line and another power conditioner.

Hard to imagine that you could power 4 channels @ 225 ea plus 5 channels @ 100 ea (Ithink that's what the HT-5 delivers off one 15 or 20 a circuit, let alone not have current limiting problems. I would think that each amp should be on a separate circuit. If you need conditioning, you could use a smaller unit at each outlet. BTW, since you seem to have cornered the market on McCormack, give Steve M a shout at SMcAudio (look up email at Manufacturer's Directory). He is usually more than willing to help out customers directly.
I have a Monster Powercenter 5100 unit that has 3 high powered stereo amps and a processor plugged in to it. The UL tags on the power amps rates none of these at more than 1 amp current draw. I have no problems running this all at once and have never pulled more than 4.0A of current load under high volumes. These relates to less than 1/3 rated 15A capacity. I would not want to pull more than 10A total from any electrical circuit because 15A is max rating when the breakers will get warm and start tripping. So, you must add everything hooked up to the circuit, including a light or whatever in another room. Good luck

I called MAXX and found out that it's the same unit as the PANAMAX 5510 (15 amp unit). Seems to be a good unit afterall. They must have purchased the MAXX line conditioner products. Thanks for your replies. I'm going to try it and will make sure I have dedicated AC lines to the conditioner with no lights and other random items hooked to it.

Thanks for your replies!