Mutlichannel SACD/Progressive Scan DVD - Options?

I just purchased an HDTV and need to buy a DVD player before the family makes me sleep in the garage.

My first love is audio, since I don't watch television, but I do like movies. So I thought as long as I am at it I would buy a DVD player that can do multichannel SACD. I have been told that I "must" have progressive scan to get the most out of my TV.

Anwyay, my priorities are (1) good multichannel SACD playback, (2) good progressive scan DVD capability (the purported reason for the purchase of course), and (3) cost around $500 (used ok). I do not care about the quality of its redbook CD playback since I leave that to my dedicated CD player.

Known Options:

I am aware of the Pioneer DV-47A, but have read bad things about the quality of SACD playback. I also read about the Sony DVP-NS900V, but read bad things about its reliability, video quality (“chroma bug”?) and SACD playback being less than that of the DVP-S9000ES (which would be a perfect choice except that its SACD playback is stereo only). I would be very interested in the Philips 1000 but it does not have progressive scan DVD playback. Frustrating.

I figure some of you may have researched this before and might know of some other modles or makers of a machine with multichannel SACD and progressive scan, that won’t break the bank. So if you know of a machine like that, please put in a post.


The Phillips 963 may be a great choice. It is about to be introduced.
Yamaha also has a model that has the DCDI chip(no bugs)
Philips 963SA.
MArantz has an 8300 coming out - check out the Nov. Absolute Sound or their web site. I recommend the Marantz as a viable alternative to SONY.
It's a little over your price range but the sony dvp-ns999es has multichannel sacd as well as progressive scan. The quality of the multichannel audio on santana's "supernatural live" dvd is excellent. It is worth the extra money if you enjoy good audio playback though it is rather light (14 lbs) as compared to the 9000es.