Mutine's Equation 7 speaker: An Unknown "Sleeper"?

There is a French company called "Mutine" that distributes both speakers and amps to America. They offer a speaker system called Equation 7 that is $2995 and is a two-way slender tower about 40 inches high. Anyone familiar with this model and its overall performance. Received a very good review in either "Enjoy the Music" or Stereo Times about a two years ago. All input appreciated!!!
Mutine is a French-Canadian distributorship. Many dealers are dropping the lines they carry because they have horrible customer service. The wait for product availability is ridiculous, and they almost never return telephone calls. The speakers are supposed to be good, as is some of the other stuff they carry.
I have a friend that owns the Equation 25s.They are some very nice speakers.I believe he told me they were made in Belgium.It's a family owned business,and they are hand made. Soundstage is large,very good bass for 8 inch driver and ceramic tweeter.A tube amp or preamp is a must with them because of the accurate tweeter,which can be a little edgy with solid state gear.Musically, I believe they compete with the best two ways on the planet and will out gun most.They don't have the weight and impact on the music like some other speakers ,but they are world class.They are also very beautiful speakers.Hope this helps.