Must see music Movie "Sugar Man."

I went to see the movie Sugar Man tonight that was the best music movie that I have ever seen. It is about a musician named Rodriguez who put out 2 albums in the early 70's that totally flopped. Many thought he was as talented as any song writer alive. He drops out of sight and it is commonly known that he died by killing himself on stage. He is totally unknown in the USA and later his music somehow gains popularity in South Africa and helps fuel the revolution against aparthied.
This musician is a total mystery yet he is more popular than Elvis in South Africa.
This film is about Rodriguez's music and the search to learn something about his life. It is an amazing film and has a very uplifting ending. The music is also something to behold. 5 Stars!!!!!! Every Music lover should see this movie.
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Pass, unless it has naked women in it I am not interested. Sorry but that is my movie watching standard.
Glad that you have standards.
Hey Baranyi - I caught part of a CNN piece about this guy a few weeks ago. Came in part way through and didn't know they were making a movie about him. Also didn't pick up on some of the detail you mention. I won't give away the punch line. Sounds like a film worth seeing.
i got the soundtrack. i love it. some of the songs are a little dated but so what. there are some great songs and the story is amazing. how could i have missed this guy for 30 years? i will be picking up the dvd. if anyone has spotify the soundtrac is on there too.
I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago.... Highly recommended!
Saw him play on late night show, forget which...I like him.
I've heard about Sugarman Rodriguez and I will soon see the film.
He, the man, is coming to play in Portland and I plan on being there!
Thanks for sharing this with us audio foos.