MUST Have CD'S For The Ecclectic Ear Candy

Force yourself to go through your collection and pick the top 10 or so SUPERIOR recordings that also have some flair and uniquness and perhaps offer some great listening ideas others may not have heard of. Give as much detail as possible to genre without giving full writeup. Here's my list, I look forward to seeing yours.

1.Govinda "Entwined and Entranced" (An amazing recording with synth, guitar, rich vocal accents and sounds undescribale)

2.Patick O'Hearn "Trust" (Ambient,New Age, synth)

3.Karsh Kale "Liberation" (Sound will pour from this CD, synth,programing,Madras Orchestra and much more....your speakers will scream)

4.Ulver "Perdition City" (Dark ODD well recorded CD of strange sounds and images)

5.Kruder and Dorfmeister "K and D Sessions" (For those who thought they would not like techno, strong recording!)

6. Brainbox "Primordia" (Another one of my strange CD'S...a feast for ears)

7. Preston Reed "Metal" (Accoustic Guitar Virtuoso)

8. Unitone "A Portrait of Strings" (A compilation of some amazing accoutic guitar artists)

9. Pat Metheney "Quiet Nights" (Accoustic Guitar Baritone

10. Robert Stanton "Accoustic Storm" (20 Bit recording, hard to find)

11.Joe Banamassa "blues deluxe" (One of the better recorded rock/blues genre. Ths guy is amazing)

12. Ryan Adams "Gold" (Nice recording and good song writing, a tad melancholy but solid)

13.Al DiMeola "Kiss My Axe" (One of my favorite recordings, tons of info to hear, very crisp)

14.Jackson Browne "The Naked Ride HOme" (Sweet recording, voice is pwoerful, musicians tight, great song writing, his best IMHO)

15. Suzanne Vega "Songs in Red and Grey" (Her best IMHO)

16. Echo and Bunnymen "Flowers" (All around SOLID rock CD, Vocals excellent, songs memorable)

I'm sure we all have many more, I'm gonna stop here, all take care, and happy listening.
Phil Ochs: Pleasures of the Harbor--political and musical

Why the Long Face: Roche sisters mistresses of lyrics and harmony

Karol Szymanowski: The Complete Mazurkas -- folksy Polish genius

Intimo: Yolanda Aranda sings great throbbing Mexican

George Brassens: La mauvaise reputation -- the great French poet singer

Rebecca Pidgeon: The Raven -- killer version of Spanish Harlem

Holly Cole: It happened one Night -- as in the great movie, an excellent Canadian temptress

Luiz Bonfia: Non stop to Brazil -- coochi coochi

Paquito de Rivera : Tico! Tico! -- Great man fussy about sound

Don Walser: Rolling Stone from Texas -- A yodelling crooner who made his first disc at 60!