Musings....…..2 channel stereo.. surprising....

I hooked up some old Paradigms, popped some vinyl on, and ran thru an Onkyo pure audio 2 channel ..

No need for subwoofer, and just a neat experience I haven't had in 20 years.

Why does a small 2 channel deliver such a great sound , especially compared to my HT 5.1 $10k rig?

Now I got the bug to setup some of old Musical Design stuff in a small room and chase vinyl records again.

And....... kicking myself for dumping my 1k records to a friend.,..

Obsession or am I just bored?

Happy listening.

I don’t know if obsession or bored are the right words but for me it is variety. I have two HT setups(family room, master bedroom) and three stereo rigs and each bring gobs of enjoyment. In a single day, when all the "honey do" list has been checked off and wife and son are out and about, I may give each system a whirl just to hear the differences or similarities.

Funny thing is that often times the simplest and least expensive rig will sound "best" on that particular day.  Even more funny(surprising) is that the Onkyo(Integra) stereo receiver in my bedroom often sounds the best.