MusicStreamer II incompatable with windows XP?

I bought an HRT MusicStreamer II and can not get the driver to load on my windows XP (version 5.1). I am unable to select the device in control panel for sound.

Is this version of windows is incompatable with MS II?

I have written HRT but they have not replied (probably Monday til I hear from them)

any info/advice appreciated.

Bummer. Mine works fine w XP on my laptop, but it sometimes is a bit finicky w the version of MS Home Server I have on my music server. did you check to see if there are any hardware conflicts?
I do not think there is a conflict but it gave an error message that says it may not have loaded properly.

Of course now that I have posted this question and after several tries, for some reason, the MS II software loaded and I am listening.

It certainly sounds very reasonable for the price.

I am on the WFMU website and it wants to use Yahoo Musicmatch Jukebox to listen to live broadcasts is there a workaround to use the MS II interface (if there is one, pardon my ignorance) instead, otherewise no issues!

thanks Swampwalker!

YW, Phil. The MusicStreamer does not have its own interface or player software. You will need MediaMonkey or J River of iTunes, or Amarra or PureMusic or whatever. Not sure why WFMU is directing you to a particular player.
thanks Swampwalker,

I am fine with the current set up. I will slowly learn and eventually delve into deeper stuff. Maybe even an upgrade on the USB cable!