Musician II owners what preamp works for you?

Looking for some sound solid advice upgrading my preamp. I'm currently using an Adcom GFA-750 but it's way below par for my musician II. This is my opinion and I was curious as to what preamps other musicain II owners are using with tremendous results.
Oh, man, do I love the Eastern Electric MiniMax. It is a tube preamp that you do not have to have a king's ransom to buy. Galen Carol Audio in San Antonio was great to deal with on the purchase. I tried a passive attenuator with the Spectron but the MiniMax gave it more body and dimension.
SF Line 2. MII likes to run on the balanced inputs.

You should also try the RS cables.
Kana813, John at Spectron says the Musician II does best with the RCA's and that balanced is not necessarily the best way to do it. I do agree the sense cables from Spectron ARE the way to go.
I know John Ulrick, the owner designer of Spectron, and I am sure he would be more than happy to give you an answer. Just email them, they are extraordinarily nice folks. Of course they make their own pre, which is perfectly suited for their amp. That doesn't mean that it is the best sounding available, it only means that it is designed to work well with their amp.
I am told that the First Sound by Emmanuel Go, is a great choice.
I currently have a Belles 21A, (Dave Belles' new model) and it is excellent. It takes a couple of weeks to sound like it can, but that is a wonderfully good sounding preamp for $2500.
I just came in from owning a Gryphon Callisto, and I am not disappointed, even though that is a $7000. Integrated. This tells me that Belles is really doing somethng correctly. The Belles preamp has no real personality of its own that I can detect yet. Certainly no overly ripe mushy tube sound, but just sweet enough to be non transistory sounding.
Also, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend the use of the Spectron Sense cables also. They complete what is tantamount to, for want of a more in depth description, a comparator circuit, for the amp, and therefore an integral part of the amplifier.
If I can help email me.