Musichall 2.1 or Project 1.2?

Is there really a significant difference between these two? I am looking for simplicity of operation, reliability, and a quiet background....can this be found with these two? Also, I dont plan to mod these units or upgrade...except the cartridge....thanks...
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project is supposedley better. i had it for a few months and was quite happy with it. just make sure to upgrade the cart asap, as the oyster it comes with is terrible.
An this price I would probably consider going second hand. Both MH and PJ are built with a lot of shortcomings and will force you into upgrading in no time at all.
I may have an mmf 5 availble. If you are interested drop me a note. I feel Music Hall has done a great job of taking basic Project tables and tweaking them to be slightly better at very good prices. Yes you can spend much more, but you will not be taken advantage of with Music Hall products. I have the 5 and the CD player and have been very pleased. Looking to upgrade to the MMF 7