MusicalFidelity X10D Tube Buffer ,any good ?

Hi, Has anybody use musical fidelity x10d tube buffer in the amplification systems? How does it really improving the sound ? Your info, opinions is highly appreciated and thanks in advance

Appropriate for starter CD players or most DVD entry level players as it removes the common harshness in the highs and the midrange lushness is unmistakeable. But on swapping it out with higher end CD players with more capable internal DAC , the soundstage width narrows a bit. But generally will be an immediate improvement with most entry level cd players. Given the release a few years back it is still very capable to improve from stock on what is current.
Worth noting also Musical Fidelity are just about to introduce a newer version of the x-10d.

I think details should be on their web site.
Thanks Goroi and Ben. BTW, I am using a tube-drive CD player- Ah4000(Amperex7308x2,+Upsampling );just wonder if there is any sense of adding MusicalFidelity X10D Tube Buffer ? Should you(or anybody else) have additional opinion and suggestions I w'd be most happy to hear it .thanks
One purpose of this tube buffer is to add an extra feedback. When there's a lack of such it will definitely make responce more flat and linear. Certainly it will decrease distortions as well.
If you already have a tube in the line, I wouldn't think you'd need to bother with the x10d at all.
In the past it did not work for me.
Hello Simonleemd,

Had one when it was first introduced years ago.
Did some very nice things with my Marantz 67se but with one major flaw:
it actually slowed down the pace of the music.
The people at Stereophile I believe also came to the same conclusion.
I have one with a good power supply.
I adds warmth and makes the mids more lush.
If you like nice crisp,focused sounding music
forget getting one.
If you like warm and lush and with descent detail then you may love it.
I just got mine w/some mullards.
Im still undecided if its for me.
NOS tubes are a must and get rid of the wall-wart and get a real power supply if you get one.
e-mail me and I'll point you to a good but cheap power supply.
for anyone interested,here is info.on a VG power supply.
I was too lazy last night to look up the info.
It can be found at
its 'adapter #56-483'
It sells for $7.99...yes $7.99
Its the same thing Rat Shack sells for $30
Im sure its as good as the Musical Fidelity PSU but isnt a fancy can with a cool led light,just a well built and kind of heavy black box.