Musical Used DAC for $500?

I'm looking to make my first foray into sepatate DAC's. I have a decent transport (Marantz 4000 OSE) and I'm looking for a recommendation on used DAC's in the $500 range for my Rotel 1066 / Cinenova Grande / Infinity Intermezzo system. Thanks for your help...

Muse Model 2-Plus should be right around there. Not the standard Model 2.... makes sure to get the Plus...HDCD is good if you listen to many HDCD's, but may run a bit more.

Ric Schultz's early Milleniums.
Either of the two DAC's mentioned would be excellent candidates. Sean
I have a Muse Model Two Plus if you are interested. I will let it go for $550 as it is in mint condition. It is the silver face unit.
The Adcom gda600 is a lot less than 500 used. I have one with a Audio Alchemy dti, I guess it sounds good, but I have been wondering lately. Any insights?
Buy Timo's two-plus! That is a fair price IMO, and low if it has HDCD. No affiliation whatsoever....don't even know Timo other than previous posts. My bias is having owned a two-plus for many years. Great DAC for $500. Check out the review on Soundstage. Keep in mind the technology is older, but having done some comparisons with later redbook players including my Model 9 (player), it holds up quite well. It is still the DAC in my home system (no longer my reference -that is at work now - but I'm not likely to compromise much in my secondary system). Yep, I guess it's a very biased opinion, so take it with whatever dose of salt you like.

Apogee DA-1000E-20. Needs its external PS1000 supply or any 12V substitute ( try battery ). Has balanced outs. Recent sale on eBay for $431.99. Complicated user manual.
Bel Canto DAC-1

MSB Gold Link 1