Musical ultra lively Subwoofer 50Hz to 100Hz - Magnepan DWM or what else ?

Super lively musical subwoofer 50Hz to 100Hz needed to support satellite speakers 90Hz-20KHz.
You could call it great transient response.

Never heard the DWM but the ultra light driver must have an advantage over conventional woofers, I guess.
Do i get a great kickdrum and electric bass from a pair of DWM panels?

Not sure the planer speaker would mix well with satellite speakers. The punch you are wanting is up higher in the band, it's your satellites that are falling short. That being said, look at a HSU sub, they use lightweight cones in ported enclosures and that seems to work well. Give them a call they are very helpful.

Modern subs usually have more than the basic crossover, phase. and gain control although some find that enough. Getting a sub to match the presentation of your current as well as your future speakers requires some additional adjustability.
Its importamt to read and compare their setup procedures.

What some call musicality, speed, and seamless integration is often their first sub at this site. So compared to what? Ask about trial periods. Good luck.