Musical subwoofer for under 1K

I'm looking for a new/used subwoofer that will work well with my ML aerius's. I would like to keep it under $1k. I listen to music 1st, H/T 2nd. Room size is 18x24.
For brand new under $1K (list price) there is Monitor Audio ASW210 ($999) and ASW110 ($699). Also REL Q100E ($999).
There are usually some new/refurbished Monitor Audio Subs on eBay that go for around $650(210) and $450(110) with warranty.
For used under $1k look for a used REL Stratus or Vandersteen 2W.
I forgot the HSU Research VTF-2 only $499 new. Someone at Stereophile like it. If you can use an amp you current own to power a sub, the HSU TN1220 ($499) or TN1225 ($359) are great subs. The separate matching amp is an additional $699.
i'd suggest getting a pair, if mainly for music - *every* aspect of subwoofing improves, & *every* possible negative re: integrating w/your main speakers is minimized, when using *two* subs, imho...

i'd suggest, based upon your room size, a pair of vmps original subs, a marchand deluxe xm-9 x-over, and the best used solid-state amp ewe can find/afford. while the cost will exceed $1k, it should still be under $1500, & it will be *really* something! :>)

regards, doug

i can agree w/sugarbrie that the hsu tn1220 is good (still gotta get two, imo!), but i prefer the vmps...

For $350 you can get the Acoustic Research ARS300 over the net. This sub has 300 watt Sunfire amp and a 12 inch driver. It is fast and LOW(22hz). I great value.

Thanks for the help! I now have a good starting point.
hsu tn1200 is wonderful...takes up little floor space, but as my wife likes to say, "it's the size of a small human." it's a passive sub and can be bought new for around $450. very hard to come by used, but a used high current solid state power amp is not (if your processor/receiver has a built in crossover....). i haven't heard the VTF-2, but it has excellent reviews and is only $499 new. good luck.
Thanks for the help.
I am going with a used vandersteen 2w that I found here on audiogon.
hey shawn, there's another one yust came up here f/s - better nab it - ya need two for stereo... ;~)

regards, doug

This is a little more expensive, but you may get it discounted to $1,000 or $1,100: the REL Strata III. It is simply an amazingly musical subwoofer and great for HT as well. Far better, IMHO, than the REL Q100E. I use it with B&W Nautilus 805's. Simply phenomenal. Spend a little more and you will be incredibly happy with it. It was a whole new system when I replaced my Audiopro with it.
Wow, I logged on to ask the very same sub under 1k to compliment my M/L Areius's...

Anybody familair with the Soliloquy? Does it sound as nice as it looks?

This will be for audio only (HT is in another room). Also, which is the better connection method:

Line level out from the pre amp to the sub then line level from the sub to the amp


Line level from pre amp to amp, then speaker wire from the amp to the sub and speaker wire from sub to the M/Ls?


mitch, imho, the best connection is from preamp to a hi-quality active x-over, w/signal above x-over point going to the amp(s) driving the m-l's; and the low frequencies going to the amp driving the subs. an alternate would be to yust x-over the subs & run the m-l's full-range. any reasonably-priced powered subs' electronics will muck-up the sound of the m-l's much more than a decent active x-over, imo...

Not sure if you're still monitoring this string...I have M/L Aerius's as well and am looking for a did the Vndersteen 2W you got work out?

Do not by any subwoofer before listening to the Bag End Infra Sub-18. Very musical. 400W and goes down to 8 HZ (if you can hear it!). I own one after intensive research, including help from this site. Was rated the highest on the "Stereophile Guide to Home Theater". I listen to music 99%. This is it for me!
Try an AAD C-10, I think it is, way below $1,000 and I just installed one with a friends Aerius i speakers and it worked very fine indeed. Do not run the Aerius out of the sub, use its internal crossover, just add the subwoofer in parallel with your speakers (a la the REL method), set the crossover point on the sub to its lowest point and play with the volume level on the sub, move it around, and move your Aerius a bit further out from the wall than you had it before. You could afford 2 new ones for around $1,000.
Has anyone heard the ACI Titan or Titan II? They start at about $799 and have gotten rave reviews on
I was thinking of pairing these with Maggies.
Mitch, Martin Logan markets the EXOS active crossover exactly for what you are attempting to do. I do not know how much it costs but if it is expensive I imagine a third party active crossover would work just as well.

Thanks--have devoted my energy (and cash) to wringing out the best bass possible with interconnects...just inserted HT Pro Silways in the signal path between my Procedd DAP and Denon Changer, and from my NAD preamp to my B&K Ref 2220 amp...made a big difference. Speaker cable upgrade next, then subwoofer...