Musical subs

I will probably end up with a REL for my Maggies, but what else should I listen to? (The REL's seem to be so good, that supply/demand keeps the price high.)
I had great luck with a pair of vandersteens.The three eight inch drivers were so tight.Good Luck
I have 1.6's and have ordered a Sunfire Architectural Signature. I have spend a lot of time researching what would be the best in my application. REL was another leader in the pack too. I got several responses back from Maggie owners who were using the Sunfire with great results. Good luck in your quest and I hope you get what's best for you.
I would recommend the Muse model 18. There is a pair just listed that the seller will sell singly, for 1000. This is one sub that was recommended to be used with planars because of its speed and musicality. This pair has the personality card for Apogees, and should work well with your maggies.
Check out the new sub from Zu
look under the CES photos
It is not released yet, but was developed for music first and HT second.
Check out Logan's new Depth. Very fast and tight, and goes amazing low for eight inch drivers.
Do some searches on the forums. You'll see that ACI subs are extremely well regarded and have often been preferred to the more expensive RELs. My observation is that the ONLY reason we don't see the ACI name more often is that they don't advertise. So, with the others, we get to pay for their advertising. A wonderful company to do business with as well. A pair of Force with Maggies would be amazing for less money than a single Storm III.
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