Musical Speakers that can provide dynamics for HT

Looking for musical speakers that have detail, accuracy and a sweet midrange and highs for female vocals but are dynamic enough to do a good job on home theater. Room is 17x19x8 1/2. Starting with a 2 channel system that will grow into 5.1 HT with emphasis on music. Was thinking about Thiel 2.3, Revel F30, or Merlin VSM. Thiel requires a lot of clean current to sing, F30 won't pass WAF, not sure if Merlin will do HT well? Not many dealers in my area to demo. Any comments regarding the above or other suggestions would be appreciated. Please provide amp suggestions with your speaker recommendations. Spend up to $4000 on used speakers.
I own a pair of Rosinante "Dulcinea" speakers that have the same type of tweater as the Merlin VSM speakers. When done correctly, the tweater offers great performance in the mid to high extensions, especially on strings and voice. The Dulcinea speaker can do HT but are better suited for audio. Much thought has been placed in the development of this speaker, from the sculptured dark matter that surrounds each driver (deals with reasonance); to the size of the drivers (with built-in Bybee filters) for clarity and speed; to the height of the speaker for very good soundstaging. The Dulcinea is very good at low volume and has better bass and will play bigger comparatively to the Merlins. Dulcinea is a fairly efficient speaker (91bd/8 ohms) with a very linear impedance whereas, the Merlins are about 89db/6 ohms). You can find a used pair of Dulcinea speakers at around $2,500 to $3,000, they are very detailed and great with voice.

If you want slightly more dynamic speakers, try exploring the Coincident Victory or Silverline Sonatina or Super Eclipse speakers (all are very efficient speakers that are within your price range when buying used). These speakers can also be used for HT.
I love my Thiel 2.3's
Used Linn speakers are an excellent value. The Kabers are very nice sounding and have good bass. The keilidh are also excellent at less than half the price used. Both benefit from a quality sub. I use Keilidh and find them an excellent value for 600 used with granite bases/stands.

The fact that they can be actively amplified with Linn equipment designed for the specific speakers makes it even better. They sound good passive; better active.