musical speakers for a Quad system

Hi all. I need some speaker advice from people with experience.
I have recently acquired a nice complete Quad electronics stack - 99 CD player, 99 stereo pre-amp and 909 amp (thanks Lanemart!) - it's on its way, and mine to enjoy in a couple of days, provided UPS delivers it in one piece (or three - get it?)
I am currently in possession of an awesome pair of Soliloquy 5.3 speakers, on loan from a friend (thanks Terry, if you read this!), but I need to plan for my future system.
I am looking for something musical, with good synergy with the Quads. I did not go with the Quad speakers, as I heard they are quite room-sensitive, and I have some limitations there (room about 14/8, with a cut corner in the back, speakers aimed at long axis, hard floors and walls, space has some limitations, an opening to one side of a speaker, I could go on and on). I want something that gives me more range than my previous Kef monitors, and less of their "bite" in high frequencies. Budget, you ask? Well, I got spoiled with great deals, so ideally less than 1500. I prefer new, but I will take used in very good condition with few hours if it's a really good deal. I listen to ~50% classical, all sub-genres, and the rest is an eclectic mix of everything (really, everything!) as long as it is good quality and sounds good. Think Deep Purple live to Diana Krall unplugged, Miles Davis to Nils Peter Molvaer.
There is such an abundance of stuff out there, it's really hard to start anywhere. I prefer non-electrostatic, I have a cat, fairly well behaved, but come on, if I was a cat I would definitely give them a claw-check, they are naught if not gigantic scratchpads! The WAF is an important consideration (no Gini systems or the like) - she loves the Soliloquys, loves Sonus Faber even more (she should have married a lot richer than she did for that!). One brand I liked in the past was Totem, partly because I had a chance to listen to them. Other suggestions?
Much appreciated. Back to Mr Saint-Saens' organ symphony, while I wait for some feed-back from the knowledgeable Gon' community.
Thank you
Buy used. I was a Spendor dealer and have 6 pairs , three I bought new and 3 used and they all perform the same. Any speaker that has not been abused has a very long life and you will pay a fraction of it's new cost. Buy from someone with an Audiogon track record. I was just listening to Dave Brubeck on Spendor SP1/2E , bought used on Audiogon, supported by two REL Stadium subs, also bought used on Audiogon, driven by a Musical Fidelity M3, ditto, The power being transferred by Cardas Gold Reference, also bought used on Audiogon .In every case I paid less than half the new cost and in one case 25%. Look at British monitor speakers , among others. I recently saw a pair of Spendor SP-1s selling for $825. This is one of the best speakers ever made and will work well in your room. Check reviews on line to see what others think also. B&W 805s are good as are several speakers made here.
Thank you Stanwal. I appreciate your to the point reply. Yes, I am starting to realize the better value of used gear, provided it has been taken care of. The Spendors do look good. I wonder if the B&Ws would not be too harsh combined with the SS gear. I know Quad is more on the sweet and midrange-tilted side of SS, but still...
Any other suggestions?
Thank you
Anyone else? Quads not that popular? You're leaving me out here in the cold? To get lonely and old? :)
Quads are fine in general, its your room size (14x8) that is a problem IMHO.

If that were my room to set up I would do it with nearfield listening to small speakers such as small Spendors recommended by Stanwall, or my personal choice the old Rogers LS 3/5a.

Most relatively inexpensive bookshelf speakers are going to be too bright for you, I think, when usedin the nearfield especially if you listen to a lot of stuff like St Saen #3.

Room acoustics in a small room are also very tough - a small room is too easy to overdrive, especially with music like #3 :-), and floor ceiling and wall reflections would have to be carefully damped especially if you are trying to put any distance between you and the speakers.

Now if you are just trying to fill the room with nice sound and are not overly concerned with all of the audiophile stuff like pin point imaging, dynamics, etc, you might consider some very small Omni's which will not only fill the room with sound they will give you a much less fussy listener location (wider sweet spot).

As I said, if it were my room I'd get the Rogers LS3/5A if you can find a pair in great condition. Spendors would be next in line, but be careful, earlier Spendors would be my first choice - later models take on a little bit more HF emphasis and could be percieved by some to be a bit bright in the nearfield.

FWIW. No charge!

BTW did you mean meters or feet when you referred to room size?
Thank you Newbee.
Alas, I have misled you. I was dead wrong on my room measurements. As you hinted at, this is a guy still adapting from metric to English system! It's in fact ~ 24/14 ft., except smaller due to the cut corner I was talking about earlier. I think if I had the Soliloquys sucking up 400 W per channel of solid state power in a room 14/8 it would have blown my ears off!
That's why I prefer floorstanders, with a lot of low end. In fact, speaking of Mr Saint Saens, with this set-up I felt for the first time the appropriate kick when the organ enters at the beginning of the fourth movement. And I liked it!
Well the Quad amp is not a high current amp so you will want to have speakers with a higher nominal impedence (at least) such as 8 ohms, and a reasonably high sensitivity say 90db or more. That way you would be able to play Mr St Saens. :-)

Apart from appearance, I can't appreciate your wife's concerns, you should still consider some of the older (non SE) and larger Spendors for a more laid back response (highs are not overly emphasized) - not the last word in eithed deep or tight bass, but they have a beautify mid range, are nicely balanced, and easy to forget. Just boxes though. :-) You'd have a tough time improving on them for under $1500 used.
Update: I got a pair of Usher CP 6311's. LOVE THEM!! Oh, and if anyone out there has a WAF issue, well holy molly! To give you an idea, went to Jeff's place (my local dealer) having made it clear I would only listen that day, not buy. Wife came along. Bought them on the spot... Not me, her!!
That should have been "not I, she!!". sorry. I no spek english very well, I is immigrant.