Musical sounding DVD player...?

Okay, keeping on that theme I asked from before....I'm considering selling my ADCOM GCD-750 and replacing it with a DVD player to serve as both a DVD and CD player. I'm a recent college grad with little $ so I'm guessing DVD-A players and SACD are out of the question. Should I keep the ADCOM and just get a DVD player in addition or can I sell it and get anything that will rival it musically? Thanks.
The Adcom player is supposed to be pretty good, isn't it? I don't think you'd be able to find an inexspensive DVD player that would sound better. I think my Pioneer DV-05 sounds good, but the Adcom should be much better. You could keep the Adcom and buy a Pioneer DV333 for $200 or less. You could also sell the Adcom and have Stan Warren mod the DV333 for another $200-$250. His modded players are supposed to sound like $1000 players. I've heard great things about them.
I had a similar situation earlier this year when I was considering replacing my Rega Planet CD. I eventually decided to buy a Pioneer DV-37 as a combo DVD and CD player, and I've been VERY pleased. It's an excellent DVD player, and I have found its audio quality is better than the Rega I had. The DV-37 can purchased for around $650 discounted, and I can give you the name of a dealer if you need it (send me an E-mail). Regarding the other half of your question about combo DVD/CD/DVD-A or SACD machines: there are combo machines now available that will play either DVD/CD/DVD-A or DVD/CD/SACD, but none that I know of that will play everything including both DVD-A and SACD. One of the recent issues of Stereophile mag had a player on the front cover that plays DVD/CD/CD-R/SACD, and has a MSRP of $2000. I expect it will be another 6-12 months before there is a unit with a retail price around $1000. If you intend to make an immediate purchase, and wait for prices on SACD or DVD-A machines to drop, then I will strongly recommend the Pioneer DV-37.
Check out I also hear that the new classe dvd/cd player is quite musical as a cd player.
Also consider the Onkyo DV-939. Will play DVD-A audio disks.