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I find power cables to have a huge impact on the sound in my system. I have been finalizing some changes and have the system where I am very satisfied. The only gripe I have is that on certain recordings there can be some "brightness". At first I attributed it to my power conditioner (sound application RLS-1), but one thing I had never tried, was to replace the stock 20A cord that came with it. A friend had an extra 20A cord so I tried it. Lo and behold it is near perfect. Still crazy detail, but more musical. I could live with it the way it is, but I am curious about others' experience with power cords. What I am looking for is musical but still with significant detail. The Tara Cobalts are the definition of this, but I don't necessarily want to shell out that kind of $$$ again if I dont have to. Because it is a 20A cord, they are much harder to demo before buying.
Ask Paul of Kaplan Cables if he can arrange a demo sample for you.
There is quite a buzz in the underworld about these fine products.
Does not hurt to try it and here the difference.

I had a replacement 20 amp cord for my Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 made by Sweetcome in Hong Kong. It was a big improvement and I had them make replacements for the other cables connecting the separate power supply to the amp. They are on EBAY, I have been very happy with their work but cannot compare it to others. I found their prices to be reasonable and they have excellent feedback.
Hi, since you live in Dallas, I'd contact Albert Porter (porterhouse audio moniker on audiogon) and see if you can "borrow" a Purist 20th Anniversary.

With your equipment and speakers, and criteria above, I suspect the Purist Audio Designs cables maybe a good fit.
Thanks for the responses so far. After I posted this question I saw that there was a similar(albeit different) thread underway. I would encourage any sound application users to chime in as well. Since it usually doesn't come with a cord people are forced to do some experimentation. Many have settled on the Elrod.
I'm a compact system user myself but... I'm using PCs from Locus Design and they knocked me off my feet with the nuterality and resolution that I never knew was possibile by doing such a change. I use Cryo Parts Beast on my Integrated amp and a Locus Designs (parent of Cryo Parts)Polestar with my CD. Very reasonable and I have heard cords from Kimber, Tara and other at many times the price that don't compare to the onesthat I have. Contact Lee at Locus Designs, he is a great man to work with and good luck
I agree 100% with Rsjm80 about Lee Weiland and Cryo-Parts, except that I build the cables with Lee's CryoMax III wire and Furutech IEC and AC connectors on a DIY basis. I must have built 20 of these things for myself and friends at a per-cable cost of no more than $130, depending on length. Great stuff.

David Elrod is coming out with a new line of power cords in a few weeks. You should try one with a 20 amp IEC on your Sound App RLS-1. I will try to get you one for evaluation if you are interested.

Advanced Audio/HT
Hi there,I use silver signal cable,interconnect,inside the amp,there are 4 small jumpers,the local techy did it for me with 1 pair.He put a ic socket on the power supply,using silver on that.Im using silver interconnects.You may have to try a different brand powercord on your cd player,one thats not bright.I would like to try the powercords between the power supply next,still using signal cables silver,that leaves the centre cable,ill do that in time.From what i have done so far,has been all good,more speed,detail,far more musical,tighter bass and clean sounding.