Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK3 DAC

Nobody seems to have this dac.  But this Dac  has attracted much attention on other forums for a base price of $999.00
1.  Audiocircle 15 pages.
2.  Canuck Audio Mart 28 pages.
3.  Head-Fi 51 pages.

why don't buy one, and then report back

nice to give back sometimes, yes?

btw i have the m-p d1 tube dac... nice piece, very harmonically rich and analog like
at that price i'd go for a MHDT Dac
I am purchasing a tube preamp from Don Sachs and we discussed all things audio. He currently uses a modified Musical Paradise that he feels is much better than a Schitt Yggy.
garry at musical paradise in canada (chinese sourced equipment) doesn’t get much fanfare and certainly doesn’t do much marketing, perhaps to his own detriment, but he really knows what he is doing in designing/specifying his pieces, he has a very good ear for natural spacious organic sound -- his stuff does not disappoint and delivers a ton of value
I’ve owned an MP-D2 for over four years, the original and now a Mk III Deluxe. They are great DAC’s for the money and allow for limitless experimentation with caps and tubes. Don’s praise for this DAC is justified. I own one of his preamps too. Looks like the stock was just replinished.
I have the mk2 version. I’m under the impression it could be modded to mk3 status with a board swap, but honestly the performance is so good, I don’t feel the need. If my Mk2 died today, the Mk3 would be at the top of the list for replacement. 

Modestly priced, high value gear doesn’t receive as much attention here as other audio forums, and as mentioned earlier, Garry doesn’t really advertise much.

If you’re considering the mk3, these DACs really benefit from NOS tube swaps. In my experience, signal tubes, followed by the rectifier tube make the largest improvement. I landed at a pair of NOS Amperex signal tubes and a new production Psvane 5u4g rectifier. Cap upgrades offered negligible improvement in my system.
I have been very interested in this dac, but I find it difficult to see which price tier it compares too, can it compare with the PrimaLuna dac 100, the higher end Denafrips models and the higher end Chinese Sigma dac’s ?.
Would be interesting to hear if anyone has downgraded $ vise to this dac because it sounded better !

garry's $1000 dac is an interesting head on competitor to jian's mhdt dacs... similar organic coherent natural sound, treble is presented effortlessly, not like it is shot at you through a fire hose

garry uses modern ess or akm chips, jian uses old tasty r2r chips - both with output stages with beautifying tubes -- i personally like these dacs (and vlad's audio mirror) more than denafrips, which, while well built and discrete r2r, use ss output stages and thus present music with a bit more of solid state amp clean and lean signature with slightly elevated treble