Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3: one channel "broken"

It appears that the left channel of my Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3 is not working any more.
I tried swapping and replacing both pre and amplification tubes, so I can exclude the cause is any tube is damaged.
Any idea of a place in NY where I could bring it for repair?

I have the same exact problem. Everytime I contact them via email I get the runaround.
I have the MP301 MKlll.. playing fine till now..actually still playing fine, but 3-4 times in the last week when I press power switch and tubes start glowing I hear a "pop" pop" just a few seconds in.. then it stops and plays for hours without any problem... I thought something was blown but the amp sounds fine after initial turn on problem... I reached out to Gary over this as well as asking him questions this past year and he never had the decency to return my messages... good product but his Customer Service sucks... I'd never do business again with a person who could care less about a customer related problem.
His business model success is 100% dependent of Chinese quality at this price. 
There is not much he can do to improve his customer service and the quality of his products. He is in Canada manufacturing is in China.  How can you control the whole process?