Musical Int. Amp that has exstended natural treble

I am looking for recommendations. I have plenty of opportunities to audition in NYC or NJ, but I want to zero in on something I'd like.
My sound taste is YBA-balance with more, much more treble extension.
Music Hall amp has great treble but nothing else.
I would appreciate if someone thinks of an integrated amp that has realistic treble and mid without limitation. I am not looking for warm sound, tube sound or bass extension.
I am looking for an amp that makes piano sound real as well as violins sound like they have strings. Realism and presence.
Please advise.
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What is the rest of your system, including source, speaks, and cables?
Rega P3 TT and Speakers ATC SCM 19
Try a visit to "Sound By Singer" in lower Manhattan and plan to spend some time listening to stuff you like on various setups.

If you can't find something suitable there, it's possible that what you're looking for doesn't exist.
Mac MA6900 has all the qualities you are looking for, but is much more expensive than the Krell you tried. Excellent HF-extension and air, lots of texture, very good depth. It is not as dynamic or articulate in the bass as the 400xi though.
Try Blue Circle. Their solid state gear has a natural and clear high end with excellent midrange.
I've heard wonderful things about Blue Circle and am very interested in the line.

Expensive stuff though. I'd listen first before buying anything.
Goofy idea,

How about asking a dealer and using your ears? Didn't taking advice cost you last time?
The reason I formulated the question the way it is : I don't want to waist time with salesman at Sound by Singer or Stereo-exchange. I want to listen to 2-3 amps an form my opinion.
So far after listening to Krell, YBA, and MF A3 I can say that most gear is pathetically skewered to please average ears. YBA does that better than most but it is still nowhere near as honest as amp could be.

I don't want to hear smoothed treble or beefed bass I want to hear minimally altered sound. The actual sound from the source not some old dude's idea of the sound.

Most amps I heard sound like some old dude's ideas, and not like music.
Hmm, sound like a PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 to me.

What is your source?
Might as well put 25 pieces of paper with the names of 25 integrated amps up
on a wall and toss a dart while blindfolded.

The results will be no less accurate than trying to guess a person's
preferences in a discussion forum.

I'd recommend the OP hit some dealers and start listening, or start buying-
and-trying at home, 'cause only he knows what he wants to hear
from his system.