Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

Yesterday toured the new Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. It was an incredible experience. Over 10,000 instruments from every part of the world beautifully displayed and organized. Best of all you are given a pair of headphones and receiver that transmits music (just the music!)at each station. If you are into music this is a must see.
My brother and sister went there also and both really liked it as well.

Highly recommended!
Thanks for the info, I drive by it quite frequently. I will have to check it out.
I would appreciate a listing of musical instrument museums that people have been to and enjoyed. I was privileged to see one in Florence several years ago. I stumbled into it. Museum of Musical Instruments. If you ever find yourself there, don't miss it. I would love to visit others as I travel.
To the individual who just could not resist bringing politics into this, otherwise, great thread:

Isn't it interesting, and thought provoking, that the very state (or citizens of that state) which is now being accused of intolerance, finds it within itself to fund a great, arts-related, endeavor such as this?