Musical: Ikemi, Wadia831, or Naim CDX

I'm looking to upgrade from Cal15 and wondered which cd player would be the best sounding. I currently have a Proceed AVP, Linn LP-12, MagnumDynalab MD102, B&K AV5000 II (next upgrade), with N802 speakers up front and Transparent cables around (the good gear has Super and the rest has ML Plus). My speakers and Pre-amp are transparent, the Amp is light (it's going away soon - probably HPA2 or ML) and I'm pretty much a analog guy so I'm looking for transparency leaning toward musical. I'll be able to audition the Linn and Naim(hopefully together) but I probably won't have a chance to test the Wadia. My only caviat is that I think I'd like digital outs so I could use it as a transport or upsample (that would put the Naim out). Any comments, suggestions, and recommendations are welcome.

I would strongly consider the Audiomeca Mephisto II as a player or transport with the new Enkianthius DAC. Very analog sounding without detail loss. Exceptional aesthetics as well.

Good Luck!
Llolyd, you might want to try the HPA2 first. The N802's will thank you so much for it and you can pick up some Balanced Transparent to link up to the pre. I haven't compared any of the listed players so I can't comment there. Good luck.