Musical, high powered Amp under $1k

I'm looking for a new (used..?) amp around $1,000. So far I've liked the anthem HCA 20 amp the best between my modded Acurus a100, and a Mcintosh MC 2105 (first taste of Mac and I was very unimpressed).

Anyways, it seems both myself and my Paradigm Signature 2's V.3 like a more powerful amp, like the Anthem, so with that in mind, what amps should I be looking at? I'm thinking I can get something as powerful as the Anthem with a touch more air and sweetness to it, for the same $ the anthem would cost me $1100 (ouch).

Usually I can find a few amps in the $1k range that look tempting but I'm stumped right now...
I have Outlaw Audio mono blocks and they are articulate and powerful enough in my system. In terms of $/watt the Emotiva are currently King, although I haven't bought one. They are well liked and well reviewed.
You would probably like a Rotel RB1090.
Musicdirect has 60% off on musical fidelity power amps.
I had two Belles 150A's , one a "hot rod" .
Good sounding but very "light" in bass.
Also, a one-man operation run by an elderly gentleman who can only do so much in repair etc.
05-31-14: Zd542
You would probably like a Rotel RB1090.
I'm thinking you meant the Rotel RB1080 at 200w/ch, as I can't see this 2-way monitor needing 380w/ch.