Musical Healing

I am a big believer in the recuperative powers of music. I haven't seen any studies on the subject, but it stands to reason that anything that helps the state of mind could have a positive impact on the body as well. So -- which artist do you turn to while convalescing??

For me, it's Grover Washington Jr.
One word answer: Mozart.
Good thread K; I'm not a major fan of classical music, but for "healing" purposes, I do like soft soothing chamber music-- could definitely be by Mozart. Outside of light classical though, I like the Cowboy Junkies ballads, and smooth jazz ballads by Shirley Horn, Jacintha, and others. Cheers. Craig
I used to play Keith Jarret for a severely ill and psychotic young man, who was mutistic, would hardly move and eat. It put some life into him, everytime we did this. I also helped to alleviate a very severe case of edogenous depression ( we were thinking of ES ) with Bach's Well Tempered Clavier with good and lasting results.
If you really want to hear music that will bring healing to you spirit, soul and body there is an album called "Spirit Songs" by the worship team of an evangelist named Dr. Christian Harfouche. THis is unquestionably one of the best healing albums I've ever heard. If you have a stressed out day or if you need some strength imparted to you or even if you are looking for a healing touch on your physical body this album will help align you so that even the seemingly impossible comes within reach.
Insofar as mood is concerned, nothing cheers me up and revitalizes me like a healthy dose of Bob Marley. Ya Mon!
I heard from Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) that new age music cures hemorrhoids if played very close to the involved region.

My blood pressure and heart rate decrease with a good dose of Air (french band).

-Karl Desch M.D.
Does it make your blood curl or do the piles just drop off, because they are so bored? (-;