Musical Fidelitya DAC 3 24 vs Bel Canto DAC2

What do you think , what is better buy?
Or you can suggsted something else in the price range about 1200 usd.Thanks.
I studied reviews, professional and amateur, of those two and the Perpetual Technology P1A/P3A/Monolithic 3/Modwright combo and bought the Perpetual Tech package. I am very pleased with the PT, but I've always wanted to compare the three because I trust my own ears over reviews. Without that opportunity, I relied on reviews.
I read a review on Audio Ideas Guide where they compared the two and they came up to have a very similar sound so take your pick if you trust them. They rated them good but not in the league of Levinson dcss gear of course. I have the MF A324 and am very happy with it.
I tried both the MF and BC ( both in stock form ) against my EVS Millennium II and there was no comparison. Take that for what it is worth. Sean
I totally disagree. I had an EVS Millenium II, and when I got the Bel Canto DAC 2, the Bel Canto was superior to it. More refined and organic.
Saxo: I guess that's why there are different companies and different products i.e. people have different tastes and set-ups : ) Sean