Musical Fidelity Xdac's versus older models

Hello Folks:

I have heard both the a324 and trivista dac's in various systems and always enjoyed the sound of each. I am wondering how the sound of the above compares to the xdac v3 or the new xdac v8 when taking into account the costs. I would be pairing the dac's with a Sony or Rega player as a transport.

Thanks for the help.

I found the XDAC v3 to have wonderful detail, but on the dry and analytical side, and lacking in the low-end. I haven't compared the XDAC v3 to the other models you mention, but that was my impression of it by itself. It didn't last long in my system, as I prefer a more lush sound with more low-end. I settled on a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 (which is a great match with Rega players, by the way)
A little off your thread, but very important if you want to get all that's possible out of an MF XDAC v3.

First it really needs the external MF PSU v3 to sound it's best, I'd say you'll get about 80 percent out of it with the stock wall wart.

Second, you really need to upgrade the power cord from the PSU to the DAC. I like Revelation Audio Labs cord for this.

Finally, the addition of a MF X10v3 tube buffer really sets this whole set-up off. This is often refered as the tripple threat.

I run this set-up and haven't found anything I like better.

If you haven't heard the DAC in the tripple threat you really haven't heard it. IHMO
I should have pointed out that my experience with the XDAC v3 was with the upgrade v3 PSU. Stock umbilical. Didn't do it for me.