Musical Fidelity X150 or Naim NAIT 5i ?

What is the best choice amplifier between these two new products.

I look for refine high frequencies, good timing and hi-fi reproduction.

I search a good match with a my pair of Quad 12 L.

Thanks for your recommendations.

Luc Tremblay, Qu├ębec city
Thanks for your answers and suggestions.

It's now done. The Naim Nait 5i is my new integrated.

After some auditions with my loudspeakers, CD player and cables, the best match with my kit was the Naim Nait 5i.

The music produce by this machine is really impressive.
Magical !

I'm surprise than the second choice of amp. after the Naim was the Rega Mira 3 and not the MF X-150. Also, the Creek 5350SE was a star revelation in my tests but a little out of my budget. Really good machine, great presence & musicality.

Tanks to you, and R-V in few years for another forum ?
In every respect, mf-150 is a better amp. than naim nait. Check the reviews all around the europe..germay, it has won EISA award this year from objective sources.
I happen to like the NAD C320BEE. It has a surprisingly refined treble area as well as being musical. Good prat too. It's main shortcoming is power, which should not be a problem on your speakers. Also, the preamp section is not quite of the caliber that the power amp section is. So you have a slight loss of transparency when running it as an integrated. But, mind you, only slight.

Frankly, in the current world of overpriced amplifiers, it's an outright bargain.
I haven't heard them with Quad 12L. However with B&W 805 speaker, MF X-150 is quite disappointing. In short, thin sound, shallow stage depth, width is okay, detail is there, musicallity is not at the level of fidelity etc.

The Naim Nait 5i does not fully impressed me neither, but it was good, actually, it was very good with all sorts of music.

By the way, MF x-150 was partnered with x-ray v3, nait 5i was with Naim CD5i.

My recommendation for potential Nait5i buyer ? Yes, go ahead try and buy, if it is your taste.

Recommendation for MF X-150 ? Well, you should audition other systems, like Naim, YBA, Creek, Exposure, Classe, and including even cheaper system (such as Nad and Cambridge). Oh, you should listen other musical fidelity amps too.