Musical Fidelity X150 Integrated Amp

Has anyone had a chance to demo this yet? They are so new that I cannot find any information online.
Just seen it - liked it so much I bought it. Very simple, very clean: definitely what you'd expect of Musical Fidelity, even at this price point
Check the latest Stereophile. They have a review of it. Take all comments with reservations, for it seems to me that Stereophile's secret financial backer is MF itself....there is no other explanation for the incredible coverage and their number in Stereophile issues.
I would be interesting to know why an amp with the power/current specs of the MF X150 is recommended for use only with speakers with sensitivity of 88dB and above. I read this doing a Google search for this amp.

I owned the MF A300 dual mono (150 @ 8 ohms & 260 @ 4 ohms) and the manual recommended similar speaker sensitivity parameters. In my room, MF seemed to struggle with my then Dyn Audience 70s (4 ohms & 86dB) and its power delivery never felt relaxed when pushed. My current amp which is a Citation 7.1, was a far better performer with the Dyns, IMO. The Citation has specs which are very similar to the MF A300 integrated amplifier.

Just curious.:)