Musical Fidelity X series Integrateds

I have researched the available feedback on these,but would like to solicit any further personal comment on the latest X series (compact MF) integrateds.The X80 or X150,as well as the latest Xray rendition of the cd are included.Thanks for any further help.

I have owned the X150 amp and find it to be a very capable performer. Has enough current to drive most speakers. Isn't quite as refined when pushed but really overachieves at its price point.
I'd recommend it. What are the rest of the components in your audio chain?
Well, first the latest X series is not the 150. It's the XT100. Something I'd love to hear.

With respect to the X-150. It's awesome. For the money on the used market I do not know of a better value. It's not your typical component size wise, but it packs a good punch. 105 wpc, and it is every bit of that.

I used it to power Paradigm Studio 20 V3. Which like power. I sold it to build a different system and am sorry that I did. I will probably pick up another in the near future.
I currently am using the Jungson MH DVD2 for a source,and have bought the Usher S-520's ,a small monitor.Am currently looking for some Alon speakers,and will possibly buy the XRAY cd,if I commit to the X series MG integrated.
Thanks for the response.
The X150 Integrated would have no trouble driving either speaker. Again, price wise you are getting a lot for your money.
I have the xray v3 and the x 150 that I am looking to sell.what is the average price these pieces go for? They are about a two years old.
Don't know if you received my email,but I am looking or an X series integrated,if you want to sell.
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