Musical Fidelity X series amp and CD player

Has anyone in this forum had a listen to the new X-150 or X-80 together with the X-ray v3. I am looking to setup a compact system and intend to partner amps with the Spendor 3/5SE. The other considerations are the older Sugden Bijou series and Quad 99 series (Amp's & CDP).
The X-150 combo had WAY too much bass with Dynaudio Audience 42. ST at Stereophile said the x-150 than A3.2cr separates had "more body".
The Spendor 3/5 (Stereophiles latest reviewed speaker) sounded realy good with Naim Nat 5i. Naim is known to be light in the bass but bass sounded just right in ~15x20' room.
WhatHiFi? in England used Cyrus with Spendor. Soundorganisation in TX is importing Cyrus and starting to set up dealers in US.
I just set up a compact system about a week ago with the X-150 and X-Ray V3 using Totem Model One speakers. I've been running it 24/7 to break things in and at this point it's starting to sound very good. The sound is very open and the electronics seem to be very transparent. The Model Ones image very well and have a tremendous sound stage. In my opinion, the bass sounds very good. It was kind of an impulse purchase so I really didn't take the time to audition other, similar type components. For the money, though, I'm not sure that you can do too much better. A couple of caveats though. (1) The remote requires very firm button pressing; and (2) I have noticed that about 50% of the time, when I first inset a disk into the X-Ray the unit will play the disk very briefly (for less than a second) and then start over again. Once it starts over it will play the disk through without interruption. It only seems to happen when the drawer first closes and it does not appear to be disc related because the disc will start over one time and then the same disc may or may not start over when you play it a second (or third, fourth, etc.) time. I questioned the dealer and his response was “that they all do that”. Seems a little unusual (and annoying). I'm currently waiting on a response fom Signal Path (the US rep).
I found the X-150 too bass heavy for my liking. However, this doesn't apply to the terrific new X-Series pre and power amp combination. This sounds really wonderful.
I am also using other X-series components (X-Ray, X-Dac and X-10) and I am delighted with the sound.
I am using Nordost Red Dawn cables (interconnects and speaker cables) and have B&W N805 speakers, with a new REL B3 Britannia sub.
Couldn't be happier. I tried several other cables from manufacturers including Analysis Plus, Ecosse and Tara Labs, but the Nordost are leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I tried.
By the way, I tried the Sugden Bijou system and have previously posted here about the extremely slow and unsatisfactory service I received from the U.S importer. I would personally NEVER buy another Sugden unit because of this terrible experience. The Sugden HeadMaster headphone amp is good, but the MF X-Can (when used with the X-PSU) is more open and a better match for my Sennheiser 650 headphones.
In short, I didn't like the X-150, but I am EXTREMELY happy with the other X-Series units.