Musical Fidelity X-LP2 MC gain

Once again I am confused. I'm considering buying a MC cartridge, but I can't figure out what gain is provided in the MC section of my X-LP2 monoblocks. My specs say: Sensitivity 350mv for 350mv output. Impedence (switchable) 100, 50, 25, or 10. Input overload margin 30db. S/N ratio >65db. On the Musical Fidelity site the Sensitivity is listed as 350uV for 350mV output. I sure wish they would list Gain, cause I am to dumb to figure it out.
They provide gain for MM & MC, just assume it's around 60 and don't worry about it unless you're buying something EXTREMELY exotic with output around .1v.
Thanks Pawlowski. The 350mV sensitivity is, I think, a misprint. Should read .350mV or 350uV. If that is the fact, then the calculator thingy comes up with 57dB. Peeked at your system....very nice!