Musical Fidelity X-DACv8

Anyone heard or own one yet?

My local dealer told me last week that
the price officially dropped from $1800 msrp
to $1200. It has a USB input.
Are these available in the US yet? Googled it, couldn't find any availability, but it looks like it might be nice.

My dealer, in Connecticut, said she could order one at any time.


At Musical Fidelity's site ...

New power supply too, just announced today.
I'll have to look into this one, as soon as I find a dealer for them.
The X-DACv8 is now msrp $1500, not $1200.
( A little bit of confusion about the price last week. )
Ordered mine today from my local dealer.
Predicted delivery in about 6 weeks. ( US )
I contacted a dealer about this and got this reply:
"I believe the retail is $1500. But it will need the Triple X power supply to operate which is $600."
Hm, interesting. Not sure. But it doesn't read that way
in the owner's manual PDF ( available on M.F. site ).
The diagram of the back side appears to have a
typical mains 3 prong male, too.

From the manual:

"The X-DAC is powered directly from mains, and will also
happily supply power for the X-RAYV8 CD player and
X- PLORAV8 tuner components."

I will verify this with my dealer next week.
Well, this is confusing, but I think I've figured it out.
The x-DAC v8 does not need an external power supply.

Here goes .....

From M.F.'s site:

"Power requirement:
100 / 115 / 230Volts AC 50/60Hz (factory pre-set)"

X-RAYv8 CD Player.........
"For use only with suitable Musical Fidelity power supply e.g. TRIPLE-X"

X-T100 Amplifier.........
"For use only with suitable Musical Fidelity power supply.
(A Triple-X unit is included)"

X-PLORAv8 DAB/FM Tuner........
"For use only with suitable Musical Fidelity power supply.
A Triple-X unit is included)