Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 on/off

The Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 headphone amp has no on/off switch. Should it be unplugged when not in use, or does it, like my Velodyne subs, go into a standby mode when no signal is present? It does have a small tube. Any ideas?

I'd bet it doesn't go into standby but is simply on all the time, drawing so little current it doesn't matter.
When all else fails go to the manufacturer. Did a google search on "Musical Fidelity" and it was the first result.

Straight fromt he MF website:

"The X-CAN V3 has been designed so that it may be left
on ndefinitely, but please note that the mains adapter may become warm to the touch - this is normal.
I hav a tube pre I leave on all the time and the tube is over a year old as of now, many DACS and Phono Stage's have no on off switch. In my opinion that means it is intended to be left on.

Thanks. I did google Musical Fidelity and looked without success for an internet contact link. Not sure where you found the info you quote, but I'm grateful for it.