Musical Fidelity X-150

How high end a turntable and cartridge will the integral phono stage with the X-150 support.
I have purchased the VPI Scout and am looking at the Grado Platinum or Sonata; Am I kidding myself with this Phono stage or will it be fine for now? Should I stay with the cheaper cartridge due to the quality of the phono stage?

I used my MF A3CR pre-amps internal phono stage with my Scout. First with a Grado Red cartridge as a temp then with a Dynavector Karat. The phono stage is really quiet, but almost to the extent of sounding lifeless. Obviously I went to extreme's for output (5.5 down to 0.25mV) but the MC gain on the A3CR was almost enough.

I ultimately went with a Lehmann Cube SE for a phono stage and found it superior to the internal one on the MF pre-amp. The Lehmann was better as it presented a more expansive soundstage while not sacrificing image location, improved dynamics, bass was deeper and more defined and vocals were more real. In the areas mentioned the internal MF phono stage was merely adequate.

Are you happy with the MF A3.2, they have the new MFA3.5 out in June and I am looking to upgrade from the MF X-150. By the way I went with the Scout with the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S. It is very very nice.