Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube buffer stage

Would this be a good investment to put between my Aragon pre/amp. Or would I be better off getting a tube CDP, and if so what would be a good tube CDP without being overkill for my Aragon. I read that the buffer tubes do not sit in sockets and are soldered.

Which Aragons do you have ? To quote my very experienced audiophile buddy tubes actually add treble "sparkle". In other words, if your looking to make the sound mellow the only tube that really does that is an output tube. The double triodes and other input tubes I find make the sound even harsher with solid state -I know I tried it and I have Aragons myself!
I have the Aragon 3002 300wpc and 28k mkII preamp along with Martin Logan aerius's which I forgot to mention.