Musical Fidelity X-10v3 Problem.....

I am experiencing a problem with the left output RCA not working. After troubleshooting with different I/C's placed on this output jack, the issue still seems to be something with the actual RCA jack. Have I disrupted something internally? All other functions of the unit perform flawlessly... Any idea where to go from here? I have this placed Pre>X10v3>Amp. Thanks
why not take the cover off and look for something perhaps easy to fix?
I have had this problem with some cd players and it was the rca cable not making contact. If your rca cables have split center pins,spread them out just a little. It may also be that the rca jack itself may have a bad or loose connection. Sometimes when you use very tight rca cables and try to remove them it will break a solder joint loose.

Good luck!!!
Open it up and check. I bet it is a loose connection inside on the RCA post.

I asume your X10 is less than 5 years old. If so return to your dealer for repair under warranty. If you open it you will void the warranty.

As I recall, this is a tube buffer stage. Have you checked to see if the tube is functioning. Try a new tube!