Musical Fidelity with B&W

Hs anyone out there matched up B&W speakers with Musical Fidelity equipment,like the A308 amp pre amp combo?

No experience myself, but I know two people using that combination and they both are very pleased.
I know that Krell_man has that combination. Also, I had the 308 integrated for a while with B&W Signature 805s, and currently, I'm using the A3 integrated with the new 805S speakers. Very happy with the A3, I'm hoping I like the 805S as much as the signature, but they aren't broken in yet. The sound to me is detailed, and easy to listen to. Plenty of power with the 308 series, unless you plan on using the 801's. I have never found that combination bright like others claim. Quite the opposite, actually.
Thanks all. I'm currently experimenting with 2 Rotel 120W amps. The perform much better that one 200W Rotel. So one
amp per speaker is definitely better than one amp for two

I figured out that the key is having total channel
separation. So I'm looking at mono blocks, two amps
or a true dual mono amp.

The only dual mono amp in the Rotel line is the 1090
and that's HUGE! a bit more than I need. I also would
rather not have two amps (less grief from the wife), so
I'm looking at dual mono amps, and Musical Fidelity seem
to have what I'm looking for at the right price.

I'm also trying my first B&W speaker. I purchased a
used CDM7SE. If I like the sound I will move up the
chain to the N804'S. I know Rotel matches up well with
B&W, but as stated above the only dual mono is a beast.
I currently use the A3cr combo with 9nt's. It is a paticularly good combination for classical chamber and acoustic jazz. Quite detailed and a very broad yet stable sweet spot. On over-compressed popular recordings with female vocals, it can sound a bit sibilant at higher volumes, at least in my configuration, and in comparison to a Jolida tubed integrated which removes a bit of detail. One day, I hope to upgrade to a tubed pre, but I am not yet sure why (upgradeitis, perhaps).
I have the A308cr cd player into the TriVista Integrated amp into Nautilus 802. Very happy with the combination, particularly after adding the TriVista.
I currenlty use the B&W N804 (C series) with my Rotel components; RC-1070 & RB-1070. I recently bought the N804 for $1400 each NEW. I am very pleased with the setup & quality of sound. I am coming (upgrading) from a Denon AVR 881 & Polk Audio RT20p.
I'm currently using a Musical Fidelity A300CR power amp and Nu-Vista CD player with B&W N804s. Love the sound ... excellent results from top to bottom. I think Gregg lett is right about the dual mono configuration. The A300CR is a true dual mono amp with 225 wpc. Previously, I was using a Rotel RB1080 (200 wpc) which is NOT a dual mono piece of gear. Didn't like the sound at all, and felt the N804s weren't living up to their potential. The dual mono amp made a huge difference and really makes the B&Ws sing.