Musical Fidelity vs. Blue Circle: Integrateds

Has anyone compared the MF A3.2 integrated and the Blue Circle CS? I'm thinking of matching one of these amps to a pair of Von Schweikert VR1.
Any opinions?
I've never heard the Blue Circle gear, but I've heard the MF 3.2 Integrated.

I traded in my Krell KRC-3 Pre-amp and KSA-50S Amp on the MF A308cr Pre-amp and Amp right after Christmas. While I was waiting for the shipment, my dealer loaned me the A3.2 Integrated. I had it for six days. It sounded so bad to me that I would literally get sick to my stomach to the point that I thought I was going to puke every time I tried listening to it.

I went into a panic, thinking that I had made one of the greatest mistakes of my life trading in my Krells on the MFs. A buddy of mine who was also an dealer told me to relax, the A308cr separates would put this all behind me.

I don't know what price range you're dealing with, and I don't want to offend you, but my system is in the $20k-$30k range, and I wouldn't have taken the A3.2 Integrated even if had they had offered to give it to me. But this is just my opinion. I take that back, I would have taken it and sold it on Audiogon.

Good Luck in your search, and please give the A3.2 a big, long listen before considering it.
blue circle
Although I have always been a Blue Circle fan, I have to say that a current situation I am going through right now has left me almost to the point where I will not recommend their product to anyone. We'll see how it plays out, but if things do not improve, they will definitely be placed on my AVOID list. I will elaborate in the near future.

Sonically, the amps are quite different, and it seems to be an easy choice. It simply comes down to a question of sonics and your tastes. The MF is much more "neutral" - whatever that means, faster, and a whole lot more extended at the frequency extremes. The Blue Circle is more relaxed and liquid. If you prefer immediacy, slam, and neutrality it is the MF. If you like more warm and lush, BC. Normally, things aren't this easy, but these products sound so different that this time it is.
Thanks for your comment. The puking part is rather funny. Have you heard the 308 integrated? Is it any better than the 3.2, power specs. aside?


I read your comment on the other thread about your ordeal and have seen the slew of responses from the dealers and the misterious guy. Have you heard from BC yet after all this?
Bluecirlcehead, no, I have not heard from BC. As you stated, it seems as if they are wisely staying on the sidelines in favor of the henchmen you mentioned.

Still, it is a fair sounding piece, and if it appeals to you, please consider it.