Musical Fidelity V-Link with computer.. Rega Dac

Does putting a Musical Fidelity V-Link between computer USB and coaxial or toslink inputs of a Rega Dac make sense... or directly into USB of Rega Dac.

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If you already own the V-Link then you could try it both ways and see which presentation you like better. Otherwise I'd just go direct from the computer into the USB input of the Rega.

The V-Link sounds excellent in my system but the reason I got it was because my DAC did not provide a USB input. Then again, all USB inputs are not created equal so it depends how good the USB input is in the particular DAC you're using. I know the V-Link adds almost no jitter.
I tried it both ways. USB directly into my Emotiva XDA 1 dac and it sounded pretty good. Then, the usb to the V- link and coax from the v-link to the coax input on my Emotiva dac. Wow, what a difference! Music flows naturally, much more involving sound. Regular usb (non asychronous) is only 16 bits. The V-Link allows 24bits and 96khz. Big difference.