Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

Can somebody give me an opinion of the Musical fidelity V-DAC II?
Can I play the music stored in my iPad/iPhone through this device as interface with a Jolida JD 801 amplifier?
Thank you!
Q1. No experience w/V-DAC II. Own a V-DAC I paired w/V-Link I. Bought the V-DAC solely to stream Pandora from an Asus netbook to my amp. Didn't A-B any other DACs. Bought it solely on reviews, size and price. It works great for me.

Q2. Don't see why not. I used Kimber USB from netbook to V-DAC. JPS RCAs from V-DAC to amp.

Sounds even better now w/V-Link I in the loop (V-DAC to V-Link via StereoVox digital cable); JPS RCAs to pre-amp from V-Link.

Curious to see what other feedback you get.
I didn't answer this as I don't use Ipad or Iphone but have been using a V-DAC 1 with Little Pinkie PS with very good results. Possibly the biggest bargain in audio, unless their matching phono stage is.