Musical Fidelity V-Can Headphone Amp

Has anyone who may have/had experience with this Headphone Amp upgraded the power supply? Was it worth it in your opinion? I purchased the V-CAN for $200 itself, upgrading the power supply is another $200 plus. I would be most interested in hearing from you - Thanks!

HIFICRITIC was disappointed with its performance with or without the power supply, it ranked at the bottom of the ones they tested. They had liked the V-DAC [which I have] very well. I would save the money and put it toward the purchase of a Pro-Ject Head Box SE 11. They said "Its not often that we find something so reasonably priced that performs so well-we've not found much that comes close and very little that beats it."
I had a X-Can V3 and felt that the X-PSU made an easily audible improvement and was a worthwhile addition, especially for $200. However, there are lots of tube amp alternatives; a visit to will give you some ideas and/or make your head explode.
If I decided to add a better power supply I would look at the "Little Pinkie" from Scotland, I use one and I doubt if the MF is as good. It is about the same price as the MF.
Save your $$$. Power upgrades for lower/mid fi equipment rarely bring results. I just installed Dynamat Extreme to the inside panels of a Music Fidelity (cost $5 ) to deaden the chasis and rubber stick on feet from Home Depot to isolate the chasis/it is audible and cost under $10 total. You could do the same for your headphone amp