musical fidelity trivista sacd player

Has anybody seen reviews, got comments on this expensive piece of machinery? Am considering SACD player and relinquishing my Sonic Frontiers
I am second with Thsalmon. I bought the Tri-Vista 3 months ago. This is amazing SACD/CD. It is sounded better if you use better PC such as Ultra-khan or Elrod signature 2.
Couldn't swing the Tr-Vista, but very happy with the A308 I picked up. I prefer it to SACDS played through S9000es on my system....makes me really want to hear a real SACD player, but just can't swing it now, Maybe later : )
I also pick it up about three months ago and it sounds very musical to me, way better than the Wadia it replaced. and yes it is on the cover of May 2003 Stereophile.