Musical Fidelity TriVista Integrated Amp Repaired!

I am the original owner, just had my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista integrated amp repaired by Technetron and could not have been more impressed by either their technical ability or their customer service. I had inquired about potentially having my unit repaired at a few other authorized dealers or service centers but no one else came close to making me feel more confident about the in-house capabilities than did Laura at Technetron. She was exceptionally customer service minded during my initial contact with her, as well as during the shipping, estimate, repair and return shipping process. I was also contacted by Mike before and after the repair and in both instances he provided a comprehensive account of needed to be done to repair my unit and why. I also received a call from Mike after I received my repaired unit back to Technetron, to make sure I was 100% happy with the work Technetron performed.

Reading reviews of some stereo stores or repair facilities can be a bit startling and anxiety provoking if you own a quality or cherished unit, as many consumers are treated like the repair shop is doing you a big favor to do the repair for you, you have limited access to the people doing the actual repairs, the repairs are not done thoroughly or the unit is damaged internally or cosmetically during the process. While I realize equipment can be damaged during the shipping process by people brutally ignoring packages with “Caution,” Fragile,” or “Handle with Care; Fragile Electronics” stickers affixed, consumers should feel good about every other aspect of the electronics repair experience and the folks at Technetron did exactly that for me.

My experience with Technetron is that they have infinite repair capabilities, maintain the highest professional standards with regard to both the technical repair, as well as with customer care throughout the process. They simply could not have done better by me or my Tri-Vista. There are very few businesses in existence today that have mastered the balance of quality service with customer communication and care as well as Technetron. Professionals simply don’t come any better than Laura, Mike and the folks at Technetron! They have my highest recommendation.

Technetron Electronic Inc
29 East 31st Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-725-8778