Musical Fidelity Trivista 300

Dear Audiogoners,

I have purchased the above amp from Audio5.1 in Alberta, Canada, when the unit arrived, the volume knob and shaft was bent. We believe that the shipping company must have jotsled it quite a bit in order for the knob to come off. Anyhow, the only service center I can find is in North Carolina. And I live in New Jersey. Is there anybody out there that knows a shop in the New Jersey or New York area that can do the repair. I was told that a new volume control console have to be replaced. Thank you for your responses in advance.

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Proac1, I'm sure you'll be able to get another Tri-Vista on the Audiogon in due course. They show up fairly frequently and are becoming quite affordable. Hang in there. I think you'll be really impressed with the sound once you get your amp. I've had mine for nearly two years now and it's fabulous.

My condolences on your amp. But it's not the end of MF Tri-Vista land for you. There will be another one in your house soon. Best wishes.
I've had my unit for seven years now, but I'm strongly considering replacing it. I have no problems with the sound of the unit. I've always loved the sound when paired with my Focal/JM Lab Alto Utopia speakers. My problem comes with the reliability of its construction. I've had to replace one of its supposedly indestructible tubes. The source selector will probably have to be replaced, and three of the RCA connections in the back have gone bad. When I opened up the machine last week to see if I might be able fix some of these myself, I found the plastic table that fits into the RCA jacks to be disintegrating. Plastic pieces had fallen on to the circuit boards. Despite the quality of many aspects of the machine, the build quality is really not up to snuff.